Real voice from past postdoctoral scientists in Global Atmospheric Chemistry Section – Check it out how they worked and felt, and what they aim for now!

Yuko Omori

Past position at NIES

Research Associate (April,2011〜March,2014)

Current position

Assistant Professor, Degree Programs in Life and Earth Sciences, Graduate School of Science and Technology, the University of Tsukuba,
Visiting Researcher, Global Atmospheric Chemistry Section, NIES


Laboratory’s Atmosphere

Everyone concentrated on their research and the group had a quiet atmosphere, but lunch breaks were always friendly and enjoyable, having a lunch together. When I was in the group, there were always two or three Research Associates working, but since they were all doing different research, there were many opportunities to hear stories from different fields at the seminar, which was very exciting.

About Dr. Tanimoto

When I first met Dr. Tanimoto, I had an impression that he was a scary scientist! Over ten years have passed since I met him, and although the strictness of research has not changed, I strongly feel the kindness of nurturing young researchers so that they can stand alone. No matter how busy he is, I think he is thoughtful and pays close attention to members and guests.

Yuko Omori

– My envisioned future


The future I aim for

Currently, I am studying the dynamics of organic matter derived from marine microorganisms that affect the climate and atmospheric environment at the University of Tsukuba. During my four years at the Global Atmospheric Chemistry Section, Dr.Tanimoto trained me to “find out the essence of the phenomenon.” The current changes in the global environment are fast and extremely complex, but we aim to be a researcher who can identify the essence of the relationship between marine microorganisms and the climate and atmospheric environment.