Post-Career of our Past Postdocs

We are eager to help develop the careers of postdocs and students. Many postdocs made excellent achievements and stepped forward to take an academic position at universities or public research institutes.

  • Yosuke Yamashita (2020–2022, Now at NIES)
  • Tamaki Fujinawa (2019–2020, Now at NIES)
  • Kohei Ikeda (2014–2018, Now at NIES)
  • Sachiko Okamoto (2014–2018, Now at LISA, France)
  • Philip A. Brown (2013, JSPS postdoctoral Fellow, Now at Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands)
  • Shinji Kudo (2012-2013, Now at Shiga Prefectural University)
  • Yuko Omori (2011–2014, Now at University Tsukuba)
  • Kanako Sekimoto (2010, Now at Yokohama City University)
  • Shinji Saito (2009-2010, Now at Tokyo Metropolitan Environmental Institute)
  • Hideki Nara (2007-2013, Now at NIES)
  • Sohiko Kameyama (2007, JSPS postdoctoral Fellow; 2008-2009, Now at Hokkaido University)
  • Nobuyuki Aoki (2005, Now at NMIJ, AIST)
  • Yasuhiro Sadanaga (2004, Now at Osaka Prefectural University)
  • Keiishi Sato (2003-2004, Now at ACAP)